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HTN Seven Segment LCD Display
  • HTN Seven Segment LCD DisplayHTN Seven Segment LCD Display
  • HTN Seven Segment LCD DisplayHTN Seven Segment LCD Display

HTN Seven Segment LCD Display

CNK is a factory which specializes in manufacturing HTN Seven Segment LCD Display and is known for delivering high-quality products and effective customer solutions. CNK is dedicated to improving its process technology for this LCD Display and has built a strong reputation with its skilled R&D team.

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Product Description

HTN Technology: HTN technology refers to the type of liquid crystal used in the display. HTN seven segment LCD displays offer improved viewing angles and contrast compared to earlier technologies like TN (Twisted Nematic) displays. Passive Display: HTN displays are passive, meaning they do not emit light on their own. They require external light sources for visibility. This makes them suitable for applications where power consumption needs to be minimized. Low Power Consumption: HTN LCD displays typically consume very low power, making them suitable for battery-powered devices such as digital watches and small electronic devices.

General Specification

Module Size 90.0(W)x75.0(H)x17.5(T)mm
View Area 45(W)x45.4(H)mm
Dct Size

Dot pitch

LCD Type
View Angle
12 'clock
Controller IC
Blacklight Power/3.1+/-0.2V/WHITE
DC to DC circuit


HTN Seven Segment LCD Displays find applications in various electronic devices where numerical information needs to be displayed in a simple and low-power manner. Here are some common applications:
Digital Clocks: HTN seven segment LCD displays are widely used in digital clocks, including alarm clocks, wall clocks, and wristwatches. They provide a clear and easy-to-read display of the time.
Timers and Counters: These displays are used in devices that require timing or counting functions, such as kitchen timers, stopwatch devices, and industrial counters.
Measurement Instruments: HTN seven segment LCD displays are utilized in various measurement instruments, including multimeters, thermometers, voltmeters, and frequency counters, to display measurement readings.
Consumer Electronics: They are found in consumer electronics products such as digital cameras, portable media players, and handheld gaming devices for displaying numeric values like battery level, time elapsed, or track number.

Porduct Dateils

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