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FSTN Type Segment LCD Display
  • FSTN Type Segment LCD DisplayFSTN Type Segment LCD Display
  • FSTN Type Segment LCD DisplayFSTN Type Segment LCD Display

FSTN Type Segment LCD Display

The FSTN Type Segment LCD Display made by CNK manufacturer is a type of monochrome display commonly used for segment displays, particularly in applications where low power consumption and high contrast are important.

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Product Description

FSTN LCD displays use a super twisted nematic (STN) liquid crystal display technology, enhanced with a film-compensated layer. This improves the display's contrast and viewing angle compared to standard STN displays.Overall, FSTN type segment LCD displays offer a balance of high contrast, low power consumption, and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications where monochrome displays are sufficient for conveying information effectively.

Display Characteristics
Item Specification
Module Size 42.5(W)×36.3(H)×2.45(T)mm
Display View Area 37.04(W)×19.51(H)mm
Display Mode Passive Matrix
View Angle ALL
Driver IC CH1116G
Backlight type LED/WHITF
Weight TBD

Here are some key features and considerations of an FSTN type segment LCD display:

High Contrast: FSTN Type Segment LCD Displays offer high contrast ratios, making them suitable for applications where readability in various lighting conditions is important. The film-compensated layer helps improve contrast by reducing light leakage and enhancing the display's performance.
Low Power Consumption: FSTN LCD displays typically have lower power consumption compared to some other types of displays, making them suitable for battery-powered devices or applications where power efficiency is critical.
Wide Operating Temperature Range: FSTN LCD displays are often designed to operate over a wide temperature range, making them suitable for use in environments with extreme temperatures or fluctuations.
Segment Displays: FSTN LCD displays are commonly used in segment displays, where characters or symbols are formed by illuminating or de-illuminating individual segments arranged in a pattern. These displays are widely used in applications such as digital watches, calculators, instrumentation panels, and various consumer electronics.
Customization: FSTN LCD displays can be customized to display specific characters, symbols, or icons required for a particular application. This customization allows for flexibility in designing user interfaces and displaying relevant information.

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