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0.96 Inch OLED Module
  • 0.96 Inch OLED Module0.96 Inch OLED Module
  • 0.96 Inch OLED Module0.96 Inch OLED Module
  • 0.96 Inch OLED Module0.96 Inch OLED Module
  • 0.96 Inch OLED Module0.96 Inch OLED Module

0.96 Inch OLED Module

The 0.96 Inch OLED Module from China supplier is an impressive display option for any electronic project. With its OLED technology, 128 x 64 resolution, and easy-to-use interface, it is the perfect choice for small devices that require a clear and attractive display. Plus, its compatibility with a wide range of microcontrollers and built-in fonts make it a breeze to set up and use. Try it out today and enhance your project's display!

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Product Description

At just 0.96 inches, this OLED module may be small in size, but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to displaying information. With a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels, your projects will be crystal clear and easy to read.

NO. Items Specification Unit
1 Diagonal Size 0.96 Inch
2 Resolution 128x64 Dots
3 Active Area 21.740(W)x11.175(H) mm²
4 Outline Dimension 26.70(W)x19.26(H) mm²
5 Pixel Pitch 0.170(W)x0.170 (H) mm²
6 Pixel Size 0.150(W)x0.150(H) mm²
7 Driver IC SSD1306BZ
8 Display Color White
9 Gray Scale 1 Bit
10 Interface Parallel/Serial/llC
11 IC Package Type
12 Module Connecting Type SORDER
13 Thickness 1.45±0.1 mm
14 Weight 1.6±10% g
15 Duty 1/64


One of the major benefits of this module is its OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. Unlike LCD displays, OLED displays do not require backlighting, meaning they consume less power and generate less heat, making them ideal for portable and battery-powered devices. OLED displays also provide excellent contrast, offering deep blacks and vivid colors, making your displayed information pop.

Another advantage of this module is its ease of use. It has a simple I2C interface, making it compatible with a wide range of microcontrollers, including Arduino and Raspberry Pi. It also comes with built-in fonts and characters, making it easy to display text without the need for additional programming.

The 0.96 Inch OLED Module is also stylish and attractive. With its sleek black design and white text, it will complement any project design and look professional.

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