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CNK donates to the flood victims


On June 16, heavy rains fell in Wuping County, and heavy rains fell in some areas. 17 towns (streets) in the county were severely affected. According to preliminary statistics, as of 10:00 on June 19, 85,000 people in the county were affected, 378 houses collapsed, 336 houses were seriously damaged, 11,000 people were urgently evacuated, 8,358.96 hectares of crops were affected, 135 roads were damaged for 123.3 kilometers, 158 dikes were damaged for 5.36 kilometers, 453 communication base stations were damaged, and the direct economic loss reached 1.973 billion yuan.

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(Image source: Internet)

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Floods are ruthless, but people are kind. In the face of disasters, there is great love! In order to help the victims overcome difficulties and rebuild their homes, CNK Electronics Co., Ltd. carried forward the spirit of mutual assistance of "one side in trouble, all sides support", stood together with the people in the disaster area, and offered love to the victims. From June 18 to 19, the company donated instant noodles, bread, mineral water and other supplies to Xiaba and Zhongchi, which were severely affected by the disaster.

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CNK Electronics Co., Ltd. donated 100,000 RMB to the Wuping County Charity Federation for flood prevention and disaster relief.

After the wind and rain, there will be a rainbow. Let's be hand in hand to overcome difficulties together and convey warmth and love,we deliver our blessing and strength for the flood disaster area and look forward to a beautiful home after reconstruction!

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