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9'' TFT Screen for Preload Car Dashboard
  • 9'' TFT Screen for Preload Car Dashboard9'' TFT Screen for Preload Car Dashboard

9'' TFT Screen for Preload Car Dashboard

The 9'' TFT Screen for Preload Car Dashboard epitomizes innovation and versatility, transcending traditional boundaries to empower a multitude of applications. As technology continues to evolve, these displays remain at the forefront, driving efficiency, enhancing user experiences, and shaping the landscape of interconnected devices.

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Product Description

In the realm of modern technology, the demand for versatile and reliable display solutions continues to soar. Among the myriad applications, a 9-inch TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) screen emerges as a pivotal component, catering to a diverse array of industries and use cases. Primarily designed for preload car dashboard applications, these TFT screens boast a spectrum of functionalities that extend far beyond automotive contexts.

With its robust design and adaptable nature, the 9'' TFT Screen for Preload Car Dashboard finds itself seamlessly integrated into a myriad of applications, spanning from automotive dashboards to the intricate interfaces of medical devices. Its versatility extends to self-service terminals, where intuitive touchscreens facilitate user interaction, enhancing efficiency and convenience. Moreover, within the realm of smart homes, these TFT screens serve as central hubs, orchestrating interconnected devices and providing users with intuitive control over their home environments.

The significance of the 9-inch TFT screen lies not only in its physical dimensions but also in its technological prowess. Offering crisp resolutions and vibrant colors, these displays ensure optimal clarity and visual fidelity across various viewing angles. Moreover, their touch-sensitive interfaces enable intuitive interactions, empowering users to navigate through complex interfaces with ease.

In automotive applications, these TFT screens serve as vital instruments, relaying crucial information to drivers while seamlessly integrating with vehicle systems. From displaying navigation instructions to monitoring vehicle diagnostics, their role in enhancing driving experiences cannot be overstated. Similarly, in medical settings, these displays play a pivotal role in delivering critical data to healthcare professionals, facilitating informed decision-making and ensuring patient safety.

Beyond functionality, the reliability and durability of these TFT screens are paramount. Engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including temperature fluctuations and vibrations, they uphold operational integrity in demanding settings. Moreover, their sleek and ergonomic designs complement the aesthetics of modern interiors, whether in vehicles, medical facilities, or smart homes.

Display Size 0.96inch
Resolution 1400*1050
Maximum Brightness 30000 cd/㎡
Display Color Single green
Interface 16 bit parallel input
Color Pixel Arrangement Square
Active Area 20.1MM*15.15MM


Features:1)IPS full view 2)RoHS Compliant 3)Ultra-wide temperature
1、Resolution:1024 (RGB) x 600
2、Active Area: 196.61mm x114.15 mm
3、Outline Dimension: 210.70mm x126.50 mm
4、Display Type: IPS
5、Viewing Direction:All
6、 LCD 0perating Voltage:3.3V
7、Luminance : 850cd/m²
8、 0perating Teperature:-30°C~85°C
9、 Storage Teperature: -40°C~90°C
10、Display Mode : Normally Black
11、Connector: LVDS
12、IC: HX8282-A11/HX8695-A01
13、RoHS Compliant:YES

9'' TFT Screen for Preload Car Dashboard Application:for car dashboard, medical devices,Self-service terminal, smart homes, etc.

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