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1602 Character LCD Display
  • 1602 Character LCD Display1602 Character LCD Display
  • 1602 Character LCD Display1602 Character LCD Display
  • 1602 Character LCD Display1602 Character LCD Display

1602 Character LCD Display

These 1602 character LCD displays from CNK supplier are widely used in various electronic projects and devices because they are relatively inexpensive, easy to interface with microcontrollers or other electronic circuits, and provide a simple way to output text and basic graphics.

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Product Description

The 1602 LCD display typically includes a backlight for better visibility in low-light conditions and has a controller chip built into it, such as the Hitachi HD44780 or a compatible chip. This controller simplifies the task of interfacing the display with external microcontrollers or other devices, as it handles many of the low-level functions required to control the display.

To use a 1602 LCD display, you typically need to connect it to a microcontroller or another electronic device using a set of parallel data lines (usually 4 or 8 data lines, depending on the mode of operation), along with control lines for functions such as data/command selection, read/write control, and enabling the display. You then send commands and data to the display to control what is shown on the screen, such as displaying text, scrolling messages, or showing custom characters.

Programming the display usually involves sending specific commands and data sequences over the interface to initialize the display, set up any desired features (such as cursor blinking or scrolling), and send the text or other information you want to display.

Overall, the 1602 character LCD display is a versatile and widely used component in electronics projects, offering a simple and effective way to provide visual feedback or information output in a wide range of applications.

Module Size 58(W)x32(H)×13.5(T)mm
Display View Area 38(W)×16(H)mm
View Angle 6 O'clock
Driver IC ST7066/ST7065 OR EQU
Backlight Driver type Power/3.3+/-0.2V/Y-G
DC to DC circuit Build-In
Weight TBD

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